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Unleash the Darkness MG Astor Blackstorm

Updated: Sep 7

Unleash the Darkness MG Astor Blackstorm

MG Astor Blackstorm edition exterior, dimensions

The MG Astor Blackstorm edition stands out with its captivating all-black aesthetic, following the footsteps of Tata Motors' Dark Edition, Maruti Suzuki's Black Editions, and Volkswagen's Deep Black Pearl variants. This special edition features a sleek black exterior paint that exudes sophistication. Not only is the exterior paint black, but MG has also meticulously blacked out various other elements, further enhancing its striking appearance.

Unleash the Darkness MG Astor Blackstorm

Exterior Features:

  • Blacked-Out Alloy Wheels: The alloy wheels are finished in black, adding a touch of sportiness to the overall design.

  • Grille: The front grille has undergone a transformation with a striking honeycomb pattern that adds a sense of aggression and uniqueness to the Astor Blackstorm.

  • Door Trims: The door trims continue the blacked-out theme, contributing to the car's cohesive and sleek look.

  • Bumpers: Both front and rear bumpers receive the black treatment, creating a seamless flow of dark aesthetics.

  • Headlamps: The headlamps, too, are blacked out, complementing the overall theme and making a bold statement on the road.

  • Roof Rails: Even the roof rails are finished in black, maintaining a consistent and eye-catching appearance throughout the vehicle's exterior.

  • Brake Calipers: To introduce a touch of color and contrast, MG has opted for red brake calipers,

  • creating a striking visual effect.

Distinctive Branding:

  • The Blackstorm edition proudly showcases its identity with a Blackstorm emblem on the front fenders, adding an element of exclusivity.

The MG Astor Blackstorm edition not only offers a captivating exterior but also promises a unique driving experience that perfectly complements its striking appearance.

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