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These buying guides have detailed information on the various features and terms associated with the electronics and will help you select the right devices for your specific requirements. Before making your buying decision, you will be able to compare your choices easily with these buying guides for televisions, DSLRs, smartphones and laptops.

Get an Understanding of the Product You Want to Purchase

Refer and learn more on how various features impact your buying decision with buying guides that are available at Buyreal India. Listing specifications and tips, you will easily be able to buy the product of your choice. No matter what the requirement is, you will be able to get a clear understanding as these buying guides are in simple terms.

Find Your Answers with Buying Guides

Whether you need to know details on operating systems, hardware, software, display, battery, connectivity and more, you will find all the answers at as you will be able to browse through buying guides that give you detailed information on various factors. Understand the important specs these buying guide on Buyreal India.

DSLR Camera Sensor

The camera sensor captures the light that comes through the lens of a DSLR. With the availability of camera censors with various features, you will be able to choose the DSLR that you require easily with this buying guide. These sensors are responsible for creating pixels in a photograph. Understand and learn the importance of a good camera sensor with this buying guide at

Know the Importance of a Camera Sensor

The camera sensor is responsible for determining the image size, resolution, depth of field and much more. There are two factors that you must know about the camera sensor before buying a DSLR, the sensor size and sensor type.

Learn about the Camera Sensor Type of a DSLR

From this buying guide, you will be able to take away the comparison between the various types of camera sensors and the factors that will affect your buying decision. There are two types of camera sensors, CMOS and CCD. While CMOS is newer technology and consumes lesser power, CCD sensors are not as energy efficient as they are older in technology and more expensive.

Understand the Various Sizes of Camera Sensors

If you are a photography enthusiast, you must invest in a DSLR with a larger camera sensor as it captures better images with more details. Bigger the sensor, more the light falls to produce great pictures every time. You will be able to find various camera sensors by size such as Full Frame, APS-C, 4/3 and 1-inch.

DSLR Resolution

The resolution of a camera is a measure of the amount of detail captured in a click. It is measured in pixels or Mega Pixels. The higher the pixels, the clearer your photos turn out. This measure also gives you pictures that do not pixilate even when you zoom into the photograph. With the availability of DSLRs with different resolutions, you will be able to choose the DSLR that you require easily with this buying guide. Get a better understanding about Mega Pixels and learn the importance of resolution with this buying guide at

Know the Impact of Resolution

You will be able to understand the different resolution modes in DSLRs by the camera sensor size with this buying guide. You will be able to compare the pros and cons of selecting a DSLR with a particular resolution according to your need. Differentiate between low resolution, medium resolution and high resolution with ease by referring to this buying guide at

Learn about Mega Pixels

From this buying guide, you will be able to know how much resolution is sufficient for getting high quality pictures and prints. A higher DSLR resolution allows clear and noise-less images to be printed in larger sizes. Browse through the various factors that will impact your DSLR buying decision with this buying guide at Buyreal India.

DSLR Connectivity

You need to look into the various ports that are built with the DSLR before making a buying decision. Latest cameras can be easily connected to various other devices like PCs and laptops. If you need to transfer you clicks, you need to explore the connectivity factors of the camera. Choose the usage that is most relevant to you and select the DSLR that enables seamless connectivity. Refer the various features of connectivity with this buying guide at Buyreal India to know more on the connectivity features.

Know the Various Devices that You Can Connect Your DSLR

If images and videos have to be converted into various forms of media, your DSLR must be technologically enabled to be able to perform the function. DSLRs now come with Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI out, external flash and GPS enabled features to assist you with fast transfer of media. Connect your DSLR to printers, computers, internet, mic, remote and other devices without any hassles by referring to this buying guide to buy the right camera for your usage.

Learn More on Connectivity of a DSLR

Explore the features offered for seamless connectivity for printing, editing, triggering modes such as bulb and time-lapse, projection, data storage, recording, geo tagging and much more. Learn more about the technological factors and connectivity features of a DSLR that will enable you with your buying decision with this guide at

DSLR Lenses

You will be able to find a variety of interchangeable lenses for your DSLR online. The trick is to know the right lens to buy according to your usage and requirements. This buying guide at will give you a better understanding of the factors that you must look into before making your DSLR buying decision. Look into elements like types of lens, focal length and aperture of the lenses and learn on how you can click the ideal pictures.

Explore the Types of DSLR Lenses

There are various types of lens that you can choose from, prime lenses, fish eye, wide angle, macro and telephoto or zoom lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal point that does not allow you to zoom into object while the other lenses can cover ranges to fit the object in one frame without you having to crop your photo. Prime lenses are ideal for portrait shots, street photography and other types that are clicked within controlled distances. On the contrary, other lenses are ideal for sports, wildlife, landscape, architecture and creative photography. Read about what types of lens would fit your requirement with this DSLR buying guide at

Understand How Focal Length and Aperture are Important Elements

It will get easier for you to understand the impact the focal length and aperture have on the images that you click with this buying guide. Focal length is measures in mm which is an indication that the bigger number will give you a longer focal point. For instance, a telephoto lens has a focal length of 300mm while a wide angle lens has an 18mm focal length.
On the other hand, aperture can be used to add a creative edge to your photographs as it is the opening of the lens that controls the light passing through it. The aperture affects the exposure of the images, which allows you to make your pictures brighter or darker. Aperture could also be used to control the depth of field or area in focus. Explore more tips on DSLR lenses with this buying guide.

DSLR Other Elements

Whether it is the right kind of camera bag, tripod, external flashes, microphones or battery, you will need to know what will be appropriate according to your usage. From specially made camera bags and portable tripods and batteries, you will easily be able to move travel without the hassle of carrying multiple bags for your camera. You will also be able to read tips on the advantages of monopods and handheld gimbals with this DSLR buying guide.

Know the Right Accessories for Your DSLR

It will get easier for you to understand the exposure triangle that incudes aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Understand the design and its ergonomics before making your choice while buying a DSLR. Look whether the camera is a pop display, touchscreen or any other according to your needs. Get tips on how to capture the perfect shots at all times with this buying guide at

Explore the Various Functions in Detail

You will be able to explore the various video features like frame rate, slow motion, impact on storage, image stabalisation, action photography and much more. Not only will you be able to read on the video features, but also know what kind of filters and cleaning kits you can invest in when you decide to purchase a DSLR. Get more tips on DSLR elements with this buying guide at Buyreal India.


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